Sat. Jun 8th, 2024

To duplicate a page in WordPress, you can use a plugin or manually copy the content and create a new page. Here’s how to do it using both methods:

Method 1: Using a Plugin (Duplicate Page Plugin)

1. Log in to your WordPress dashboard.
2. Navigate to “Plugins” and click on “Add New.”
3. In the search bar, type “Duplicate Page” and hit Enter.
4. Look for the “Duplicate Page” plugin by the developer “mndpsingh287.”
5. Click on “Install Now” and then “Activate” to enable the plugin.
6. After activating the plugin, go to the “All Pages” section in your WordPress dashboard.
7. Hover over the page you want to duplicate, and you will see a “Clone” option.
8. Click on the “Clone” option, and the plugin will create a duplicate copy of the page.
9. The duplicated page will be saved as a draft with the same content as the original page.
10. Edit the duplicated page as needed, including changing the title and updating the content.
11. Click on “Publish” or “Update” to save the duplicated page.

Method 2: Manual Duplication

1. Log in to your WordPress dashboard.
2. Go to the “All Pages” section.
3. Find the page you want to duplicate and click on “Edit” to open it.
4. Select all the content on the page, including text, images, and any other elements.
5. Copy the selected content to your clipboard (Ctrl+C or Command+C).
6. Go back to the “All Pages” section and click on “Add New” to create a new page.
7. Give the new page a title, and any other necessary details.
8. In the content area of the new page, paste the copied content from the original page (Ctrl+V or Command+V).
9. Make any necessary modifications or updates to the duplicated content.
10. Click on “Publish” or “Update” to save the duplicated page.

Using either of these methods, you can easily duplicate a page in WordPress. The plugin method is more automated and convenient if you need to duplicate multiple pages, while the manual method is suitable for duplicating a single page or if you prefer not to use plugins.

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